The future of Belgian federalism - Belgian Constitutional Law Blog
Double interview with Prof. J. Vande Lanotte (UGent) & Prof. S. Sottiaux (KU Leuven Kulak) Moderator Jurgen Goossens (doctoral researcher, UGent) With cooperation of Anna Vanhellemont (master student Advanced Study of Constitutional Law, UGent) It has taken 541 days to reach an agreement on the sixth Belgian state reform, which is currently being implemented. In order to round off BelConLawBlog's overview of the sixth state reform, we will inquire how Belgian (con)federalism could evolve in the future. In a unique double interview, Johan Vande Lanotte and Stefan Sottiaux develop their view on this subject. Johan Vande Lanotte is Minister of State, member of the Chamber of Representatives, and professor of Constitutional Law at Ghent University. He was involved in the negotiations of the most recent state reforms. In his paper 'De Belgische Unie bestaat uit vier deelstaten' [The Belgian Union consists of four states] he has outlined a model for Belgium’s institutional future. Stefan Sottiaux is professor of Constitutional Law and Administrative Law at the KU Leuven Kulak. In his book 'De Verenigde Staten van België' [The United States of Belgium], he reflects on the future of Belgium and constitutional law in the multi-level legal order. Hereafter, a concise summary of the video-interview will be provided, through a non-literal translation.