Macker goes Mad with inaugural indoor event at MSA Woodland in GR
Last Saturday, the 2017 Gus Macker All-World Tour opened up with Macker Madness at MSA Woodland in Grand Rapids, MI. It was the organization's first indoor tournament in quite some time. Hoopers, ballers and shot-callers from around the Midwest descended on the former Woodland Skating Center for the inaugural tournament, a one-day contest for ballers of all ages to kick off the roundball classic. After suffering through a recession akin to what the housing market saw in the early 2000's, the Woodland skating rink was sold and rebranded as MSA Woodland, a sports complex designed for basketball, volleyball, soccer, lacrosse and more. The top court included players like the Grand Rapids Danger's Terrence Shaw and Jimmie Harvey and an array of talent, all hoping to start the season off on the right foot. Derrick Brooks was also in attendance to watch the youngsters and give any advice they needed while they played on SportCourt (at right) set up indoors on the soccer field.