I'm a Judge! @Adafruit Drone Film Fest #AdafruitDronies - Becky Stern
I’m on the judging panel for the Adafruit Drone Film Fest! Get your drone videos submitted before June 2016 and show them to me and these inspiring, talented ladies: Annalee Newitz – io9 Carol Reily – Surgical Roboticist Christy Canida – Instructables Daniela Perdomo – goTenna Danielle Applestone – Other Machine Co Helen Greiner – CyPhy Works Jennifer Toso – Digi-Key Lenore Edman – Evil Made Scientist Lisa Freed – iRobot Liz Upton – Raspberry Pi Sophie Kravitz – Hackaday Star Simpson – Orion Jessica Califano – Adafruit The Adafruit Dronies celebrates videos taken from drones. The contest is open