Beauty School: Go Jun Hee's hair, the coolest shaggy bob for Asian faces - The Beauty Gazette
This Korean actress/ model’s hair is everything I want at the moment. It is not the thinned out ragged cut of Karlie Kloss which may not suit Asian faces… — Go Jun Hee’s is also textured, but alot more full and voluminous. Her hair is also dyed a flattering brown that makes her look fairer, and her features softer. Her hair is fuss-free, does not get in the way and matches every single outfit. In fact, she does not look as hot when she has longer hair. This shaggy bob makes her features stand out and gives her a youthful, devil-may-care image. If like me, you have silky soft hair that goes flat all the time, dye it to damage it a little for volume and attitude. The Koreans are really getting everything about beauty right, and I’m not exaggerating. Share your thoughts! Related