Ideas for boudoir and vanity areas - The Beauty Gazette
I’m planning for a beautiful vanity area. I can’t wait for my house to be ready so I can have a beautiful dressing table. Instead of buying one, I intend to customise the area. It must be roomy enough to hold all my make-up and skincare… I love these wide and spacious vanities. Huge chests of drawers are a must for me. Cabinets and shelves around the table is also a great idea. A sun-dappled area where I can see how I look in the sun before I step out is important too. Alternatively, I’ll be happy with one that comes with bulbs all around the mirror. Good lighting is crucial for expertly applied makeup. It would have to come with pretty and interesting details too. Like wallpaper Cute mirrors What would your perfect vanity look like? And I found this on the NYT’s page. Dita Von Teese’s vanity. Love how it reflects her character. All pictures are not mine and were sourced from all over the Internet. Related