BDO Fashion | Basir Kinsaeda – Orwen
Character: Basir Kinsaeda of Orwen Submitted by: Subconsciously inspired by the original Dante and Nero of Devil May Cry I think, unintentional but I'm not changing a thing :) Character Template: NOTE: To use this customization, you will need to delete the file extension or unzip the file if it is zipped. Items: Item Name Source Helmet Karlstein Cash shop Top Karlstein cash shop Gloves Karlstien Cash shop Shoes Karlstein cash shop Main Weapon Kalis marketplace Secondary Weapon Karlstein Cash shop Underwear Accessory (Head, Ear) Accessory (Eye) Ellen glasses Cash shop Accessory (Mouth, Chin) Dyes: Mostly dark browns except for the main body of the coat which is Dark Black, and the scarf being Wine Red.