Rifle Certification | BAY AREA FIREARMS
Foreign students welcome with passport Minors 12 years old and up are welcome provided they are accompanied by their parent/s or legal guardian. Please call us direct for details. Cost: 190.00pp Students pay their own ammo, range fees. Length is 4-6hrs. Performance based. Basic First Steps 3hr course is $159.00pp Offered Mon-Fri 9:00am, or 6pm Sat-Sun 8:00am, 9:00am Private Instruction / Corporate offsite events available upon request This course is designed for the individual that is either considering purchasing or has already purchased their own rifle. In this certification course you will learn the following: All safe gun handling skills, before you are allowed to conduct your live fire exercises at the range. Position, Grip, Sight alignment, Breath Control, Trigger Squeeze, Follow Through. You will also learn how to adjust your scope to zero. What type of Rifles can I choose from? AR-15, Ruger Mini-14 with scope, our AR-15