Full Length Pistol Certification | BAY AREA FIREARMS
Foreign students welcome with your passport. Private instruction available upon request. Corporate offsite events available When you call our facility, please have exact dates ready so we can adapt ourselves to fit your needs, this avoids too many calls, back n forth, and also the class being filled by the time you call us back. Course Starting times Mon-Fri 9am, 12pm, 6pm Sat 9am, 11:00am Sun 9am Range Fees, Ammo paid by the students. Everyone is a beginner so don't feel stressed. Full Length Basic Pistol Certification group cost $199.00pp Private $300.00 Within 21 min's of first safe gun handling skills, which are mandatory before any handling of the firearm we will remove any and all anxiety from you about safe handling of firearms. (You will be able to pick up load and lock your sights on a target in no less than 2 seconds). Objective: We will take you from zero experience with a firearm to safe and proper handling and use of a firearm including live firing the