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Home Defense / Personal Protection Courses Defensive Pistol Training Length of course is 14 hours. Cost: $395.00 / person Sale price $325.00 For groups of 4 or more the price is $295.00 / person, save $100.00 / person Course starting times: Mon-Fri 8am, 2pm, 6pmSat 8am, 1pmSun 8am We need to ask you a few questions: When you call our facility, please have exact dates ready so we can adapt ourselves to fit your needs, this avoids too many calls, back n forth, and also the class being filled by the time you call us back. If you purchase a gun and do not seek basic professional training, are you making society, and your community safer? No you are actually a liability. Please do not think you can secure our borders with only basic lessons. There is so much you need by physical repetition, and muscle memory. There are new laws you need to informed upon. You have a gun and do not seek professional training in the judicious use of deadly force, are you making society, and