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2Hr course Cost $75.00pp A non shooting course. perfect for families, that if you wish to continue to begin a shooting course after the completion of this course, you may do so, as you will already have the basic fundamentals for the safe operation, of pistols, rifles, shotguns. If you are a concerned parent, and wish for your child to have good respect, knnowledge, and safe heart attitudes towrds firearms, without the livefire part, then this is definitely the course for you. You will learn the following: Loading Unloading Safe gun handling Cleaning, Maintinance Safe Storage Calif Laws For beginners, parents if you desire your children to learn about the respect, and safety of firearms without shooting in the course, this is the one, would you rather have one of your children's friends attempt to teach them at home or a school yard, or a professional? This is a great course for people, that are simply very interested in knowing a lot about firearms, but not actually