Beginner Firearms Classes | BAY AREA FIREARMS
These classes are for those who are interested in guns for sport, or just curious, self-defense, especially survivors of assault, people who have never had any formal firearm instruction before, or have never seen, handled, or fired a gun before. Pistol, or Rifle, or Shotgun Please click on the specific category on our site. These classes are also taken by those who are targets of crime, such as women, disabled, and the elderly, or those people just seeking stress reduction. These can be taken as refresher courses for those who have had some training in the past. We also offer a one-on-one handgun, rifle or shotgun classes. We offer Basic First step classes in all firearms. FIRST stands for "Firearm Instruction, Responsibility, and Safety Training", a program the NRA developed to meet the need for a firearms orientation program for new gun purchasers. Introductory Shooter Bundle $137.00pp range fees, ammo not included This course is designed for first time shooters only. you