Are you really as good as you think with a gun, or is that lazy pride talking? | BAY AREA FIREARMS
Good day to all: We have been enviting many people who claimed to be very experienced with their firearm Guess what we found out? They were so far from the truth, they were even shocked. All the people taking lessons from us were asked why they bought a gun? 100% said " To protect themselves, and their family. Guess what all the sc called people who claimed to be very experienced would not survive a home invasion, they had actually had horrible habits, and had no idea how to fightwith their guns ! It is important to take on average of 3 different courses, basic , intermediate and either a Home Defense course, or a Tactical Pistol course, or a CCW depending on what county you live in. The bottom line is we all need a lot of knowledge, and practice, even though we are gun owners, contrary to popular beleif. Remember these are perishable skills, if we don't use them, we lose them. People are afraid of the word advanced. A basic pistol course only teaches the basics. I have seen