To Veil or Not to Veil - Barbara Stone Designs
I get asked all the time whether a bride should use a veil or not. It really depends on the style of the gown and the bride.Veils traditionally “hide” the bride from her groom until the “ta da” moment in the ceremony, when the blusher is flipped back and the new wife is revealed. Very few brides use blushers anymore, the layer that covers the face. But a veil can make you feel more like a bride. And there are so many beautiful styles to choose from. The right one can really finish off the look. For a more contemporary look, no veil is popular or the “birds nest” works for some styles. If you decide not to use a veil, make sure your hair and makeup is flawless because your face and hair become the focus. A gorgeous up-do works well, especially for a formal gown. For a more casual look, the long curls work well. Ask your wedding professional whether a veil will work for you or not but ultimately, it’s up to you…there is no wrong answer!