The Wicker Man Revisited / Refreshed - The Long Arm Of The Lore: Wanderings #36/52a - A Year In The Country
Vic Pratt's article Long Arm Of The Lore about The Wicker Man in a 2013 edition of Sight & Sound is a refreshingly calm, considered, reflective, contextual piece that made me pause for thought, consider and re-appreciate the film and its own stories and myths once again. In many ways it and the issue of the magazine could be a companion to the 2010 Sight & Sound with The Films Of Old, Weird Britain cover and The Pattern Under The Plough article Rob Young (and leading on from that, that article could also be seen as a companion to his Electric Eden book). Both articles explore a sense of an otherly Albion, of the undercurrents and layers of folk tales, customs and histories and their reflections within film, television, culture and music at various points in time.