The Unsleeping Eye: Audio Visual Transmission Guide #40/52a - A Year In The Country
The Unsleeping Eye made in 1985 is a fascinating time capsule and snapshot of part of Cold War infrastructure. It is a documentary about the Flyingdales ballistic missile early warning station on the Yorkshire Moors which featured the iconic golfball-esque radar system (styled after Buckminster Fuller's geodesic dome designs). At various points the equipment inside the multi-billion pound complex is shown, which is all computers the size of a room that could now probably fit inside the average smart phone, Quatermass-esque dials and equipment, curiously 1960s Batman television series Batcave-like signs on top of equipment and an aquarium (a curious addition which I assume was added to the base to help induce sense of calm in amongst all this quite heavy/serious scanning and surveying).