The Moomins And The Seams That Keep Giving: Wanderings #38/52a - A Year In The Country
There are some rather lovely editions of the Moomins soundtrack released by Finders Keepers Records. You could file The Moomins alongside other gently bucolic, quietly left-of-centre work such as Ivor The Engine, Bagpuss and possibly gently edgeland, quietly left-of-centre work such as The Flumps and The Wombles. Although when watching clips/episodes of the series, wheat they put me in mind of were the left-of-centre fantasies and fairy tales of some of the Czech New Wave (something I recently also said about Isabell Garrett's animated film Bye Bye Dandelion). Which may not be all that surprising, considering Finders Keepers/Finders Keepers history of releasing Czech New Wave related soundtracks such as Valerie and Her Week of Wonders and Daisies (and I could also possibly wanders towards the woodcut-esque tales-from-the-forest covers of the Folk Is Not A Four Letter Word left-of-centre folk compilation albums, which were compiled by Finders Keeper-er Andy Votel).