The Bawdy Adventures of Tom Jones and Mishaps and Misadventures in the British Countryside: Wanderings, Explorations and Signposts 20/52 - A Year In The Country
The Bawdy Adventures of Tom Jones film from 1976 is something a curiousity and a curious mixture of a film, one which positions the British countryside as a space for farce and romps in a very British Carry On film/seaside postcard kind of manner - in tone and plotting it is not all that far removed from say a period set Carry On film from a similar era. Loosely inspired by the 18th century novel by Henry Fielding, it was directed by Cliff Owen, who also directed other 1970s British nudge-nudge-wink-wink comedy films, alongside the likes of an episode of The Avengers, The Vengeance of She, the first cinema outing for Steptoe and Son and numerous episodes of television series in the 1950s through to the 1970s.