Margaret Elliot's The Corn Dolly and an Otherly Layering as the Years Pass: Wanderings, Explorations and Signposts 51/52 - A Year In The Country
The Corn Dolly is a book by Margaret Elliot, which was originally published in 1976. If it was published today it would probably be called a Young Adult novel - i.e. aimed at a younger teenage audience. There is very little information about the book online and not all that many copies for sale but it could be loosely connected to folk horror or the spectral, preter/supernatural likes of Alan Garner's The Owl Service and The Weirdstone of Brisingamen in its themes. The story of the book involves a form of sympathetic magic and the mystical powers and actions of a corn dolly, which is found by a young brother and sister, in protecting the harvest.