John Carpenter's Prince of Darkness Part 3 - Quatermass-esque Non Bebop Filmmaking: Wanderings, Explorations and Signposts 24/52 - A Year In The Country
Prince of Darkness was written by John Carpenter but is credited to Martin Quatermass, in homage to Nigel Kneale and which also connects it to the John Carpenter co-produced and scored Halloween III (1982), the script of which was initially written by Nigel Kneale and which I have previously written about at A Year In The Country. Prince of Darkness shares some similar preoccupations as Nigel Kneale's work and could be seen as treading not dissimilar ground as Quatermass and the Pit, which features an ancient alien spacecraft and race that are unearthed and discovered to have been instigators/controllers of mankind's darker urges over the ages. Watched now, when much of film and television is almost frantically kinetic and action filled, Prince of Darkness has a refreshing stillness of pace - although without being slow, plodding or recalling a sense of the now sometimes hard to digest rhythms of previous decades of film and television. Rather, this allows the viewer's mind and imagination to wander.