Further and Audio Visual Explorations: Wanderings #45/52a - A Year In The Country
At this second event DJ Food and Pete Williams will be once again creating their multi-projection Further environment, which from the images I have seen seems to have an immersive, layered, enveloping atmosphere and accompanying them will be audio-visual live sets by Simon James and Sculpture. Simon James has also worked as part of Black Channels, whose particularly rare cassette release Two Knocks For Yes is well worth seeking out in one form or another - it's still available digitally. Amongst other things it is an intriguing mixture of Radiophonic-esque synthesis, poltergeist exploration and recordings of ghost reports. He has also created the Akhai Den Den album and project, which is a soundtrack and radio drama set in a crumbling amusement park, which I expect I may well visit further around these parts at a later date.) Sculpture is the duo of Dan Hayhurst and Reuben Sutherland whose audio-visual work utilises a wide array of analogue alongside digital techniques to create an at points cut-up-esque swirling montage of sounds and images. The picture discs they have released come alive and full of animation once they begin to spin on the turntable, recalling the early pre-celluloid days of moving images, along which lines they describe themselves as utilising a "library of zoetropic prints" (zoetropes were a mechanical form of producing moving images via spinning cylinders that were initially created in the 19th century).