Barsham Faire 1974 and a Merry Albion Psychedelia: Audio Visual Transmission Guide #46/52a - A Year In The Country
This is a good snapshot of a point in time and culture when 1960s hippie-ness had melded into and explored medieval styles and related folk/folkloric interests - a sort of Merry England psychedelia; well worth a look-see. There's a fascinating overview of the history of Barsham Faire, how it evolved into the Albion Fairs and related archival work by The Fairs Archive at the "folk arts and esoterica for the discerning" Hare and Tabor site, who have also created an accompanying t-shirt inspired by those Fairs in collaboration with The Fairs Archive. Film footage of Barsham Faire in 1974 on the BFIPlayer.