A Shindig Double Header And Wanderings Amongst Pop Culture's Semi-Hidden Reverse: Wanderings #39/52a - A Year In The Country
ssue 59 of Shindig! magazine has as its main cover image electronic music innovator Delia Derbyshire and the strapline Tape Leaders - The BBC Radiophonic Workshop & Beyond - The History Of Early British Electronic Music. In many ways this issue could well be seen as a companion piece to issue 32 which featured Broadcast on the cover alongside articles on Ghost Box Records, giallo film, Berberian Sound Studio, Mike Heron of The Incredible String Band, Children's Film Foundation, synthesizer and new age music innovators Emerald Web etc. It also features the likes of an article by Vic Pratt on cult undead-in-the-British-countryside-and-provincial-town biker film Psychomania from 1973, around the time it had a restored brush'n'scrub up release by the BFI's Flipside imprint and 1960s/1970s baroque folk artist Bridget St John. While the magazine's lead article is Out Of The Ordinary which is an intriguing and layered overview of the history of British electronic music. The article was written by Mark Brend, author of The Sound of Tomorrow: How Electronic Music Was Smuggled Into The Mainstream and takes as its starting point the release of Ian Helliwell's book and CD Tape Leaders: A Compendium of Early British Electronic Music.