138 Layers And Gatherings Of The Wicker Man: Ether Signposts #25/52a - A Year In The Country
I recently went a-wandering to have a look-see if I could fine the original press book for The Wickerman - as I've mentioned around these parts before I have something of a softspot for press booklets from back. As far as I can see there were two main ones back in 1973; one for the US and one for the UK. Despite the cult and collectible nature of the film you can still occasionally find them, although they're not necessarily cheap; the two I found were priced at/sold for around £26.00 and £325 (ahem!). Anyways, as I was having a potter around online I found a site called The Wicker Man (1973) Wikia and just when you think you know a fair bit about the film, have read a related book or two and seen a documentary or few etc well, you realise you're just scratching the surface.