Natali Pupovac-Peters, Franchise Broker
As a daughter of an entrepreneur, Natali was involved in a family business from a young age and developed a strong passion for business. She knew that one day she too wanted to be an entrepreneur but, like many others, she didn’t know how to get there. She was overwhelmed by the choices and nervous to make the wrong one. With a degree in Business Communications and post-graduate education in Human Resources Management, she spent the majority of her corporate career in Training and Development roles. She has worked in both small businesses and large corporations and understands how easy it is for people to get stuck in the rat race. One of those roles was in a franchise company headquarters where she had the opportunity to learn about the franchise industry. In her position, she provided training for new and existing franchisees in order to improve their performance and ensure their success. After learning about franchise brokers, she knew this was the right fit for her. She is passionate about helping others become entrepreneurs and truly enjoys guiding them through the process. Being a franchise consultant gives Natali the opportunity to achieve her own goal of business ownership, while helping others achieve the same.