Resolutions You Can Live With - for a Happy, Healthier Year! - The Authors' Billboard
Does anyone really do resolutions anymore? Do they stick to them after the first week or two? I don’t bother, as I basically exercise and eat right every day. Sure I like my wine at night and desserts occasionally, and don’t deprive myself, but saying I’m going to lose ten pounds, well it just isn’t going to happen. I found an interesting list of resolutions that you and I can probably keep this year. 1. Add more citrus to your diet–limes, lemon, orange. Skip juice and have an orange instead. 2. Okay, we can all do this – eat vegetables regularly! 3. Book all your doctor appointments this year, have your mammogram, bone density exam, visit the dentist and the dermatologist! 4. Become a plant owner. Indoor plants can reduce stress and lower blood pressure! 5. Stop multi-tasking! Organize your activities into chunks of time. 6. Use scents in your home, it has health benefits! Vanilla makes people relax, Peppermint can boost energy! 7. Master the stairs. When you’re feeling tired, get up and get moving! Ten minutes of using stairs, or a quick jog will boost your energy and burn calories, and make you Less Tired! 8. Share your Continue Reading →