What my breakup taught me - A Trip Within
Life gets so much easier when you stop taking things personally. This seems so simple and mundane. But actually, it's one of the most challenging and complex ideas I've had to absorb in a long time. Not taking things personally means that you have to understand where someone is coming from on a deep psychological level. It means removing your ego and seeing things for exactly how they are, and not how they make you feel.When someone lets you down or doesn't show up in a way that you need them, when they hurt you or do something stupid, when they sabotage themselves or your relationship, when they push you away or play games (note- this is not speaking about my relationship, but things that happen in general to people), it is because they are suffering in some way.Hurt people hurt people.The only way to stop this cycle is to not take things personally. Instead of viewing things from a personal perspective, what would happen if you took a step back and got a bird's eye view of the situation? When you finally begin to remove yourself from the equation, you're able to see things for how they are. You're able to spot the origin of the behavior that originally caused you pain and begin to release both yourself an