Lemon Ice Cubes
Lemons are great source of Vitamin C – a great antioxidant. Vitamin C is most important for free radicals, as it neutralized them internally and externally. Free radicals help us to get a good healthy by damaging bad cell which grow diseases within us. In lemon citric acid, bioflavonoid, vitamin C, calcium, pectin and limonene are found and these all powerful nutrients to boost your immune system. These immune boosting lemon Ice cubes are easy way to preserve lemon for short of time and also very easy to use when ever needed. My refrigerator always have these tiny lemon Ice cubes and whenever I need to make a lemonade I just take 1 cube from refrigerator, add it into my glass of water with salt and honey; and its ready to drink. What are you thinking; go ahead and make these time saving, immune boosting lemon ice cubes and enjoy the freshness of lemonade anytime. Please share your experience below in comment box. [mpprecipe-recipe:218] This post may contain affiliate links,