Kathal Biryani
Kathal Biryani - कटहल बिरयानी; fried kathal (raw jackfruit) when dum cooked in with basmati rice and Indian spices, it gave very rich and unique taste. Kathal biryani not that much popular in world like other veg biryani due to its taste and texture. (As kathal gave you meat like taste.) The biryani made by deep frying kathal pieces and put in dum with rice and spices. Go and try out this recipe. If you love kathal dish then you must love this Kathal Biryani. Please share your experience here in comment box. [mpprecipe-recipe:102] This post may contain affiliate links, purchasing that product not cost extra for you but by your purchase A to Z Food Recipes will get some little amount and that amount will help in surviving of this website. So, please don't hesitate to buy from these links.