How To Make Soft Chapattis?
How to make soft chapattis? Making perfect and soft chapattis is an art; basically a whole cooking is an art itself. In ancient days ladies cook at their kitchen with such food processor kind equipment and the taste of their meal is far away good then today's cooking, they never use any measuring cups or spoons etc. Let's come to the point, in India chapattis are daily meal part, none of the meal complete without chapattis and perfect soft chapattis are loved by everyone. When I start learning cooking me always avoids making chapattis but later on I tried to make and in starting they are perfect round but not soft. I tried and tried but did not get success and then finally I Google. :) Here I found one yahoo question and on that question one reply is telling me how to make perfect soft chapattis. Next time I made chapattis by that way and they become perfect round and soft. And from that day I am making perfect round soft chapattis. :-P I am also telling you one secret of my perfect