Dal Makhni
Dal Makhni is one of the best Punjabi dishes; I love its creamy texture and richness of flavour. Whenever we go out or want to get food from out, we prefer to order dal makhni as one of our dish. Making dal makhni like restaurant is not so easy; I look many cookbook's and recipe website to found how to make restaurant style dal makhni. I found that it's an art of slow cooking and whole spices mix with fresh cream. Without whole spices you can't gave them perfect flavour and the creaminess of dal makhni come from whole fat fresh cream. Try out this recipe and make restaurant style dal makhni at your home. Please share your dal makhni making experience with our readers too. I love to hear words from you. [mpprecipe-recipe:41] Image courtesy of Charles Haynes via This post may contain affiliate links, purchasing that product not cost extra for you but by your purchase A to Z Food Recipes will get some little amount and that amount will help in surviving of this website.