The Essential Guide to Digital Accessibility - Assistive Technology Blog, a company that sells software to make the web accessible, published a very helpful infographic a few months ago which explains what is digital accessibility, kind of disabilities that affect web browsing, and why web accessibility is so important. 57 Million Americans are living with a disability. That’s more than the populations of California and New York combined. And of those… 2.17 million surf the web on a regular basis. 1.15 million find web browsing challenging. An estimated 9 out of 10 websites are NOT accessible Disabilities that affect web browsing Visual 3.2 million Hearing 3.9 million Cognitive Mental 7.9 million Ambulatory 9.8 million What is digital accessibility? Digital accessibility is creating a secure technological system for digital components such as: mobile applications, digital documents, website pages. So that everyone can have the same user experience when they access these types of digital components. It’s a growing market. As a global, emerging market, the disability community is an increasingly powerful demographic, representing $3 trillion in disposable income. Accessibility increases Findability Accessibility techniques increase the findability of web pages by exposing content to search engines, both internally (within a website) and externally (across the World Wide Web). For example: Alternative text [...]