6 Crucial Tips for Successful Bed Sore Treatment - Assistive Technology Blog
This article first appeared on Vive health’s blog. Bed sores are, unfortunately, one of the most common ailments resulting from mobility issues. It’s important to begin bed sore treatment at the first sign of any symptoms. Pressure ulcers are much easier to deal with when they’re caught early. Even better, if you understand a risk is present, you can take precautions to reduce the likelihood of occurrence. Your healthcare provider will want to examine the affected area or areas when diagnosing suspected bed sores. Surgery is usually not recommended as long as you have not progressed into later bed sore stages. Here are simple tips to try that you can discuss with your healthcare provider: 1. Frequent Repositioning If you are in a chair, wheelchair or bed for a long period of time, you need to vary your position – This will help to facilitate blood flow and reduce pressure on your boney areas so you are less likely to get a bed sore. It is important to be regularly repositioned so the pressure is dispersed throughout the body. Wheelchair Repositioning Try shifting your weight by yourself every 15 minutes or so. Go from left to right side of your buttock [...]