Apple's New Accessibility Website & Sady Paulson - Video Editor With Cerebral Palsy - Assistive Technology Blog
If you watched Apple’s “Hello Again” event last week, you would have noticed that the keynote event opened with this video: There was emphasis on accessibility right from the get go. Tim Cook announced the new Apple accessibility website, which puts emphasis on how people with disabilities use accessibility features built within Apple products. The website features several quick videos that showcase how each of their product is used by a person with disabilities in real life scenarios. Whether it’s a blind person taking photos with an iPhone (using VoiceOver), a pro athlete in a wheelchair using Apple Watch to track fitness (Workout App), a person with hearing impairment using iPhone hearing aids and iPhone to listen clearly in a noisy environment (Live Listen), the videos have quick yet clear messages – Apple’s accessibility features are easy to use and available in all devices. Besides these quick videos though, one video that really shows how Apple products can be made a lot more accessible using assistive technology is the one featuring Sady Paulson. Sady is a 29 year old video editor who is non verbal, has Cerebral Palsy, and has little control over her body from the neck down. She [...]