Legally Blind Photographer Bruce Hall Explains Equipment And Technique He Uses To Take Photos - Assistive Technology Blog
This blog post has been written by Bruce Hall, a legally blind photographer and disability advocate. In this post, he explains what kind of equipment he uses to take photos. Check out some of his work in the gallery below, and at his website Thank you Venkat for your work imagining the future of assistive technology. The founder of this important blog has asked me to describe the equipment i use, techniques, and the kinds of things I look for while taking photos. My name is Bruce Hall and I am a photographer and disability advocate. I was born legally blind with about 5% normal eyesight and severe nystagmus – rapid uncontrolled eye movement, as well as severe myopia and a a few other conditions. So, how does my eyesight affect my day to day life. I do not drive a car…legally. I can’t read street signs unless they are very large, and I’m next to a sign. I won’t know the color of your eyes unless I’m about 3” from your face. And the nystagmus, rapid eye movement, makes focusing a real challenge. Reading even large text is very difficult so I occasionally use a screen reader on [...]