Induction Loops: What Are They And How They Work? - Assistive Technology Blog
Almost every person with a hearing impairment wears a hearing aid. However, in a group setting or a public place, it is not easy to differentiate between background noise and the main source of sound. For example, at a train station, an announcement for the next train may not be heard very clearly because of all the other sounds in the vicinity picked up by the hearing aid. Similar environments like auditoriums, community gatherings, classrooms etc. make hearing aids pick up all sounds that are present, thus making it difficult for the main sound to be heard clearly. Induction loops have been around for decades but have picked up quite a bit in the last 5 years or so. They are one of the best assistive technology solutions available to enhance sound for deaf people in a public setting. The technology involves looping a room with copper wire. When a person speaks into a mic, or makes an announcement, their sound, through the device they are using, is sent to an amplifier. The current that is produced by the amplifier is sent to the loop system, creating a magnetic field that transmits an audio frequency. This current is picked up by [...]