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Imagine not having to organize a visit to your nearest primary care physician because they can “visit” you virtually through hologram technology. You won’t have to imagine for much longer – this is the future of healthcare. Note: Click image below to enlarge Potential Savings of Virtual Healthcare Replacing annual ambulatory patient encounters with virtual healthcare could save each of the USA’s 37,000 physicians an average of 5 minutes per encounter, a time saving equivalent with an economic value of more than $7 billion. If each patient has 1 in-person physical examination a year, with half of all other encounters converted to eVisits, the time savings could be the equivalent of roughly 1,500 physicians, and an annual saving of $300 million. A combination of 1 annual physical examination with patient self-care for the remainder of the year could save time equivalent to roughly 24,000 physicians to the tune of almost $2 billion a year. An average reduction on ambulatory visits by 5 minutes could add almost $63 million a year in physician capacity, equivalent to 320 physicians. A 5 minute time saving for an organization with 800 physicians could free up the equivalent to 140 physicians’ capacity, an [...]