Oak City Soccer: Soccer Program For Kids With Autism - Assistive Technology Blog
Oak City Soccer is not just another soccer program for kids. It is special, in that it is meant for kids ages 2 – 10 who are on the Autism spectrum. Shelley and Roxy, founders of the program, struggled to find a class where they could enroll their little son who has Autism. (the classes they looked at were over stimulating) Having found no options, they decided to start their own program where kids with Autism, and ADHD and social anxiety can sign up to play and learn soccer. Oak City Soccer is located in Cary, North Carolina. Joining this program not only teaches kids the fundamentals of soccer but also helps them build a foundation in social skills, work on their gross motor skills, and at the same time teaches them the concepts of sharing and taking turns, which can be a challenge for any child. It also gives the children an environment where they are accepted and understood, which gives a big boost to their confidence. Classes cost $95 for a 6 weeks block, and they fill up fast, typically months in advance! (they do have a waiting list) The class gets lots of returning students, which [...]