CAPTCHA Be Gone: Solves CAPTCHAs For Blind People Quickly - Assistive Technology Blog
CAPTCHA Be gone was released earlier this month from Accessible Apps, makers of QRead, the accessible EBook reader for the blind, and Chicken Nugget, a popular windows twitter client in the blind community. CAPTCHA Be Gone, currently available for Firefox and internet explorer, and coming soon to other browsers, enables visually impaired individuals to solve CAPTCHAs in seconds with a quick keystroke. CAPTCHAs are codes embedded in images found on websites, often during the sign up or payment process, which humans can visually solve, but which are difficult for robots. Thus they are used by websites to ensure the legitimacy of new accounts, payments, and other key content. Prior to CAPTCHA Be Gone, visually impaired individuals had to contend with alternatives such as audio CAPTCHAs, available on some sites, which are often deliberately garbled, prone to skipping, and otherwise difficult to access. CAPTCHA Be Gone solves this problem by securely detecting CAPTCHAs on webpages, solving them, and copying the result to the user’s clipboard in a matter of seconds with the press of a single keystroke. It is not even necessary for the user to know the precise location of the CAPTCHA. No data, other than the CAPTCHA, is [...]