New & Improved Accessibility In Google Products - Assistive Technology Blog
If you use Google products like Android phones or Chromebook, you probably already know how well their accessibility features work. Google is constantly working on improving existing features and adding new ones to make their devices much more accessible and friendly for people with disabilities. Recently, Google introduced several accessibility enhancements to its products, some of which are listed below: Accessibility Scanner: Accessibility Scanner is a new Android tool that suggests improvements regarding accessibility in Android apps. A user simply selects an app they want to scan and hit the “Accessibility Scanner” button. The tool will then provide improvements and suggestions for the user that may provide accessibility benefits. Suggested improvements can range from enlarging buttons, increasing contrasts to providing content description. These suggestions can be shared with app developers so they could include them in their apps. Developers can run this tool while developing their apps too so they could reach out to a larger audience base that would include people with disabilities. Edit Google Docs with Voice: Do you use Google Docs extensively for creating word documents (or for writing your novel :))? You can now just speak to Google Docs and it will [...]