's $20 Million Grants Are Funding Some Really Awesome Assistive Technologies - Assistive Technology Blog
Google’s philanthropic arm, has awarded $20 million in grants to 29 organizations around the world through “Google Impact Challenge: Disabilities” – a mechanism to encourage forward thinking innovators to bridge gaps, and make assistive technologies available to a bigger audience. There are 1 billion disabled people around the world – that’s 1 person in 7 who is disabled. The grantees are all over the world, and their solutions fall under the “Hearing”, “Mobility”, “Cognitive”, “Vision”, and “Communication” categories.’s website has a list of all the grantees and descriptions of their solutions. You are encouraged to read about all of the cool innovations but here are a few, just to give you a taste of what kind of assistive technologies are being funded by these grants. Smart Glasses by the Royal Institute for Blind People: The RNIB is developing smart glasses for people with low vision that identify objects, obstacles and people in their surroundings and turn them into high contrast shapes that can be easily recognized. Wheelmap: Around the world, there is no easy way of finding accessible points of interest. Wheelmap is creating a global dataset and technology consisting of more than a [...]