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As a social worker in community mental health services, I spent a lot of my time looking for information. I looked for information to see how one of the participants in my program who experienced family violence could find some help. I looked for information to find a gym that another participant could use, that would be welcoming to him. Another person wanted to learn to drive; another needed information about his brain injury; another wanted to do art; another needed a physiotherapist; another needed support as he reduced his marijuana intake. As a social worker in community health services, I googled my butt off. I made a thousand phone calls to find that information. And once I found it, I asked, “Do you have a waiting list? Do you work with people over 60 years old? Do you work with teenagers? Do you work with people who live outside your area? Does your service cost money? Is your facility near public transport? Is your facility wheelchair accessible?” The skill that I developed was learning how to ask the right questions. And it’s seriously a skill. It’s hard to find the right organisations and services! It takes tenacity, [...]