Bio Hacking: The Future of Assistive Technology? - Assistive Technology Blog
This post is meant to be thought provoking. Please share your thoughts & feedback in the comments section below. We live in a world that is inventing assistive technology solutions constantly. There are all sorts of devices, accessories, apps, and wearables that are inexpensive, yet provide great convenience to people with disabilities. Technology is amazing, and with access to all sorts of resources on the internet, inventing assistive technology solutions and reaching out to more and more people is becoming more common. Three or four decades ago, would we have ever imagined that assistive technology would take such huge leaps? The present is fantastic. Now..let’s look into the future. How crazy can things get in the future? Imagine a world where someone doesn’t need to use any devices. Even though they may have disabilities, they will be able to go about doing their daily chores without the help of assistive technology. How would that be possible though? Bio Hacking! By including chips in our body – chips that will hold and transfer different types of information and perform various functions for us. Picture a blind person wanting to open a door that has [...]