ASL Video Tours For Deaf Museum Visitors - Assistive Technology Blog
Most, if not all museums provide audio or guided tours to their visitors. Audio tours are provided through an audio device that contains audio descriptions of each exhibit, and guided tours are led by a staff members . Needless to say though, neither of these methods are beneficial to deaf visitors (unless there is another guide who signs in ASL – which is unheard of). Exhibits do have text descriptions but do we have the patience and the mental capacity to read and grasp all of it? In order to provide greater convenience to deaf visitors, and to encourage them to visit museums to enlighten themselves, Kim Hunt, a certified sign language interpreter, along with Cain Chiasson, an instructor at Lamar University, have teamed up to create video tours that will have audio, ASL, and captions to enhance deaf visitors’ experience. Each exhibit will have its own video which will be accessed via a QR code displayed on the wall. Scanning the QR code via a phone or tablet app (the museum has free wifi and tablets that can be checked out for visitors who don’t have a smart phone) will launch a video explaining the exhibit [...]