Apple's Autism Acceptance Month's Videos Have A Great Message For Everyone - Assistive Technology Blog
It is no news that Apple is on top of things when it comes to accessibility. Popular Apple products like iPhone and iPad have become the defacto device for disabled people because of their ease of use, lots of accessibility features, and an app ecosystem that keeps growing. Professionals in the assistive technology or special education realm – teachers, therapists, caregivers and others know very well how useful and efficient tablets and other digital devices can be, and how they change a disabled person’s experiences, bring them independence, and make communication for them so much easier. However, is that common knowledge? To celebrate Autism Acceptance Month, Apple has released a couple of videos that convey a certain message – every day technology empowers disabled people. There are certain elements of day to day life that it definitely makes easier (communication, performing chores, navigation, etc.) but all of them combined bring a sense of joy and accomplishment to a person who is a part of that experience. because they can now do things they couldn’t a few years or decades ago. Technology elevates their confidence, and encourages them to to participate in conversations, activities and helps them be more [...]