Researchers Use Myo Armbands To Control Prosthetic Arm With Mind - Assistive Technology Blog
In the past, we have seen quite a few instances where people have been able to control their prosthetics with just their thoughts. Recently, a team of researchers at Johns Hopkins used the Myo armband on an amputee to help him control his prosthetic arm with his mind. The Myo armband is a $199 band that anyone can wear on their arm to control devices. When a person wearing it makes a gesture, the armband recognizes it by reading muscle activity and sends the gesture to a connected device. Johnny Matheny, who lost one of his arms to cancer, is the subject of this research. He wears two Myo armbands that monitor his muscle activity on his upper arm when he thinks of moving his arm in different ways (twist, grip, open, close, etc.), converts them into signals, transmits them to a computer nearby which in turn sends them to the prosthetic arm to perform the desired action. In the future, it is expected that Johnny may be able to tell how hard or soft an object is, or even the temperature of it. This is not a very straightforward process though. Johnny had to get surgery [...]