Near Sighted: A Virtual Reality App For People With Low Vision - Assistive Technology Blog
Are there solutions out there for people with low vision to help them see things around them much more clearly than they are used to? We know there is the eSight eyewear available that captures images via a camera and displays them in screens housed in the eyewear. Although a viable solution, one big downside is that eSight is extremely expensive – $15,000, and is currently available only in the US. But is there anything else available that is substantially cheaper, easier to setup and use, and available wherever you are? Near Sighted VR Augmented Aid, an Android app meant to be used on a phone housed in a virtual reality display (read: any cardboard enclosure!) , is a very good workaround for people who have low vision. The app, when turned on, produces stereoscopic images side by side (one for each eye) captured by the front camera of the phone. The phone, enclosed in a cardboard casing, once worn on the head using a headband, can act as eyewear that magnifies objects around the user, thus letting them see and experience their surroundings in more detail. This app + Cardboard combo may not be practical for [...]