Dot - A Braille Smart Watch For Blind People - Assistive Technology Blog
By now we know that smart watches have sort of become a way of life for many people. Meant to be a companion for your smart phone, there are lots of conveniences a smart watch brings like time, email & phone notifications, steps taken, appointments, alarms, etc. But how good is a smart watch for someone who cannot see? A startup in South Korea is developing a smart watch that has a Braille face instead of a regular screen. “Dot” does what every other smart watch does, except that it displays everything in Braille. So essentially, anything that can be read by Dot from the phone will be displayed on the watch face – from notifications to even books! Any time a notification comes in, the user will not have to whip out their phone to know what it is about – they will simply be able to read them on their watch. Dot has a 10 hour “active” battery life and a 5 days standby time. In addition, since Dot will be worn on the wrist, the company has given a lot of attention to its looks. It is not a hideous accessory with several functions built [...]