[VIDEO] Assistive Technology For Quadriplegic Student: Conversation With Francis Feoko - Assistive Technology Blog
I recently got a chance to talk with Francis Feoko, a C5 quadriplegic, who is a sophomore in the Bay Area in California. Francis wanted to share with Assistive Technology Blog’s readers how, being a college student, he takes care of his home and school work and how technology has made him more confident and self sufficient in a classroom setting. He wants other students with disabilities to know that there are options available out there that can make working on classwork and homework a breeze. Technology has boosted Francis’ self esteem and motivated him to do things on his own. What’s great about Francis’ setup is not just his device of choice, which is iPad 2, but also his mindset and willingness to explore assistive technology devices for himself, which is really important. There are so many devices available now, but which one suits us best in different circumstances? Francis also reminds us that “what works best for me may not work for others”. Francis uses different apps for different classes – For his math class, he uses Notes Plus, an app that gives him lots of flexibility in terms of drawing graphs and using various shapes and symbols [...]