Microsoft's 3D Soundscape Technology Can Change The Way Blind People Navigate - Assistive Technology Blog
The 21st century has introduced us to so many technologies, platforms and tools that help us live in a world of “constant connect and contact”. Instant messaging on all devices, sending and receiving photos whenever and wherever, notifications of all sorts all the times from mobile apps and wearables – we are getting information from various sources constantly. In terms of practical uses, this is great for an able bodied person who can use these notifications for, let’s say commuting from one place to another, if their wearable or phone notifies that the next bus is in 10 minutes so it’s okay if they walk and don’t run! However, can blind people take advantage of such mechanisms in a similar fashion? Commuting and traversing through a neighborhood or community is always stressful for blind people, however experienced they may be. First of all, they have to spend a lot of time learning routes, and even then, there are silent cyclists, smart cars, low hanging branches from trees, construction in the area amongst other things that may be overwhelming and take them by surprise. Is there a way around these obstructions that can add ease, comfort and independence to the [...]