WHILL Type-A: State Of The Art Wheelchair That Offers Style And Comfort - Assistive Technology Blog
The most modern wheelchair to date, the WHILL Type-A is available for pre order in the US. Is it modern just because it is so stylish? Well, yes, but there’s a lot more than style this wheelchair offers. To start off, this wheelchair does not force the user to sit in an upright inactive posture unlike traditional wheelchairs – it allows them to lean forward a bit, just like riding a bicycle. The small and compact wheelchair (measures only 23.6 inches wide x 32.5 inches long) has all-around wheels which allows it to rotate on the spot. The wheels are robust and large enough to avoid getting stuck in cracks or bumps on roads/ sidewalks. The four wheel drive ensures that it can achieve high power and can handle any kind of terrain (think concrete, grass, dirt, gravel roads). The WHILL Type-A wheelchair is available for pre order on its website and the delivery is scheduled for early next year. There is no mention of pricing anywhere on the website. WHILL will be exhibiting at the Ability Expo San Jose from November 22 – 24 this year (Booth 514). Hit the source link to read [...]